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Sizzling with love


The ADT’s Events CHEF TABLE | 4 ELEMENTS is a bold and daring idea that exposes the proficiency of the participating chefs to the limit, that is giving them one element of the four (4) picked, Fire, Air, Water and Earth, and having them create their vision of the component utilizing their creativity and expertise.

WineFood&muchmore had the privilege of witnessing another event of the series, the CHEF TABLE | 4 ELEMENTS: FIRE, this time celebrating the element on the universal day of love and passion which truly represents the FIRE: Valentine’s day.

This special celebration took place at SHIBŌ, a restaurant created by local Chef Yonathan Cruz, who has always been inspired by Asian cuisine, as well as the participation of Chef Christian Rivera of Guadalajara; thus the theme of the night had a worldly fusion of unique Latin seasoning with traditional Asian soul food, using fresh and locals products combine with special techniques in order to bring an amazing experience, full of rich and luscious flavors.

The chefs started the FIRE with an ‘Asahikawa Ramen Tsukemen Style’, a well constructed soup where skimming the broth during the first minutes will force you to pay attention to the hardness of the simmer, and then see the water level in the pot adding the eggs and the noodle carefully cooking it in the broth until the consistency is just right, the result: perfection. The pairing of this dish was exquisitely obtained with a Segura Viudas Brut.

For the second course, a ‘Tuna Tiradito’ which consisted of an Ahi Tuna, Ponzu, and Yellow Peppers, with the yellow-fin lightly seared on the outside, leaving the inside tender, marinated and then served with a flavorful Ponzu sauce and yellow peppers, spectacular and rightly paired with a Chacra Barda.

The third course was a unique ‘Bamboo HosoMaki Roll’ with sophisticated ingredients like Scallop, Curry, Codfish Tempura, Ponzu Pearls and Pepper Air, carefully treated into a thin rolled Sushi with the Nori on the outside, and scallop, codfish tempura, curry with Ponzu pearls on the the inside, mesmerizing and delicately paired with a Pinnacle Fidelis Verdejo.

The fourth course was an unexpected version of an Asian ‘emparedado’ a ‘Nikkei Bao Bun Montadito’, made with a tempura flat fish, chili pickled, and tiger milk foam, sounds easy but the creativity is not so. This Montadito was superbly paired with a T.H. Chardonnay.

Time for the fifth course, a Lomo de Res al Siyao which had a complex Latin mix starting with a “Mofongo de Patacón”, a mashed plantain on the base, following by a sealed tenderloin gild with a touch of vinegar, ending it at the top with bacon, cured pork belly, red onion, rice vinaigrette, and olive oil, and all under a mayonnaise sauce called cevichada, which is a mix of ginger, lemon, red onion, garlic, fresh cilantro, lemon juice, salt and pepper, totally delicious and suitably paired with a La Posta Paulucci.

The sixth course of the night presented a ‘Pasta a la Huancaína’ a traditional Peruvian dish but with an incredible twist using an Agnolleti pasta, which is a black pasta made of squid ink stuffed with ricotta, cream cheese, chimichurri, lemongrass, thyme, basil, bacon and bacon oil. Serve with a huancaína sauce and octopus, a tasteful variation artfully paired with a Verum ecológico.

The seventh course included a crowd favorite ingredient: lobster. The ‘Lobster Causa’, a dish where lobsters are cooked in the method of Sous Vide, this creates a buttery, tender, sweet poached flavor and was accompanied with mashed sweet potatoes, nice green wasabi avocado, color foam and Togarashi chilli, out of this galaxy and masterfully paired with an Anna Spinatto Biológico Prosecco.

The eighth course had another South American-Asian origin, the chefs called it: ‘Niku Tallarines’. This tallarines are prepared with a Tataki strip loin, a Furikake rub, Enoki noodle, tamarind Teriyaki, and ají pancake. The Tataki was rubbed with the furikake, then slightly grilled around the edges and thinly sliced, adding the Enoki noodles, and the tamarind teriyaki sauce with the chili cake, fabulous result and was accompanied with a tasteful Fantinel Rosé.

Finally, the ninth course, a delightful dessert the ‘Yukamochi’ a 100% macha ice cream with vanilla beans, red wine and mango spheres, pitorro and pina colada foam, white chocolate powder, pound cake, and cassava curd, in a pineapple reduction sauce with a touch of tamarind, spectacular to say the least and ultimately gracefully paired with a nice Diamante.

The last of this series was, without a doubt, another hit by ADT Events, the Valentine’s day had an extra special meaning for those in attendance on this successful soirée, since they witnessed and lived it, masters in action.

We look forward and invite our followers to the next series of events offered by ADT Events, they are sure hits. Go to their page for more info.


|  July 2017  |